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Think fast, or don’t think at all?

Hello Friends,

Leading up to tournaments, usually the week of the competition, I gather all of my competitors together and have them work through their game plans with a partner. This is basically a simulated match in which they start standing, just as you would in a tournament. Your partner provides minimal resistance and allows you to walk through what you would do in any given position or situation in a match.

Before a tournament a while back I was having my students work on the drill described above, when shortly after the simulation started a question arose “Coach, how do I do this move?” to which I replied “If you’re having to think about how to do it, it will already be too late in a real match”. After my response I could sense a little confusion so I explained that you should only try moves that you know during a tournament, it’s not a time to try things that you don’t know or haven’t had much practice with in training or live rolling. Continue reading

Instructional Overload??

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to share some important training advice with you. You see, back when I started training in BJJ over 16 years ago there were no instructional DVD’s, Youtube, Online training sites, and hardly any books on the subject to learn from. Fast forward to present day and there are an overabundant amount of instructional resources at the hands of the modern day BJJ student. In my opinion this can be both good and bad for the beginner who is looking to improve, yet doesn’t really have that much direction. Continue reading