Jaime F: Black 2/2/17
Stuart H: Black 1/4/17
Ben W: Black 1/4/17
David J: Black 12/14/16
Jestyn C: Brown 12/15/16
Jason T: Brown 12/15/16
Claudeus L: Purple 4/18/17
Claude L: Purple 4/18/17
Ed S: Purple 4/10/17
Gene F: Purple 4/10/17
Matt B: Purple 1/4/17
Ryan C: Purple 12/19/16
Andrew D: Blue 5/30/17
Julian V: Blue 2/1/17
Emilio V: Blue 2/1/17
Jonathan T: Blue 12/6/16

8256 S 192nd St
Kent, WA 98032
*Not a mailing address*
(253) 208-3270


My journey started 3 years ago when I was 47 years old and signed my son up at FBJJ. I had not been physically active since my late twenties and suffered from high cholesterol and early stages of liver disease (reversible with a exercising and right diet). My doctor said I needed to change my lifestyle so it was a great opportunity to do the family thing and train together. Fast forward to today...all my medical issues are gone and I am in better shape than my son who is now 17. Plus the techniques and wisdom that Coach Foster teaches are second to none. I've picked up another "family" that I truly enjoy rolling and socializing with.


When I first began BJJ training in January of 2005 I weighed over 300 pounds and had a difficult time completing even the warm up section of the class. In the beginning success seemed so out of reach, and even though I was excited, the prospect of even receiving a blue belt seemed daunting to say the least. James Foster brings a unique combination of nurturing and steadfast support that creates an outstanding environment to grow both as an athlete and a person. In the beginning it was him stressing "consistency is the key to growth" that kept me coming back to the gym.

Eventually I began to see progress in my grappling and it was is if a whole new dimension of myself opened up. After attending class at least 3 times a week, my body began to shed weight. After the first two years I had gotten all the way down to 265lbs. I competed in and won several of the local tournaments and made some great friends.

In addition, I found that the principles I was learning through my work in James' Jiu Jitsu gym were easily applied to the rest of my life, my productivity and my creativity benefited greatly from listening to James' words about consistency. In the subsequent years, my life has improved in countless areas, and I feel a confidence I've never felt before to pursue my dreams, and never doubt my own potential. Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate martial art, and James knows how to create an optimal environment that is friendly and conducive to growth.

As a purple belt, I still train on a regular basis today. Even though I live in a different state, every time I step onto a mat, no matter where I am, I always give thanks to James for sharing his knowledge and passion with me, and having the patience to guide me through my white-blue belt journey. I'm proud to have known him, and to call him my first jiu jitsu professor and friend.


I have the honor of saying that over the last couple of years brazilian jiu jitsu has been a big part of my life on and off of the mats. All my life I have been competitive in different sports, hobbies, etc. It wasnt until i found brazilian jiu jitsu that i felt i had found my true place. The pure art form itself and the feeling of brotherhood amongst my teammates is indescribable. I can remember my first practice....I came in feeling as if i needed to prove myself and having self pride that i wasn't going to tapout no matter what. Needless to say that first month of training was a very humbling experience. It taught me more about myself than I had learned in years.

My only regret today is not being able to train with my brothers and sisters as much as I would like to. Its a great feeling to know that you've got others along side of you willing to put self ego aside to help you in any aspect of the game that you are willing to learn. It is an honor to train under coach James Foster, and eventually with Jeff Hougland. Much respect to James Foster for having the best brazilian jiu jitsu environment in Washington.

I am truly blessed.


I originally didn't know what to think when I decided I wanted to do some sort of MMA. My initial goal was to lose weight and get back in shape, make a directional change in my personal life styles, so as to be a more healthy individual and use my time to be more productive. I had know idea what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was. Initially my girlfriend chose Foster's out of several locations she had visited as a surprise Christmas gift for me. As a runner & soccer player I had no previous knowledge of martial arts and was somewhat intimidated by the skill level of everyone at the gym. I quickly realized at Foster's that there would be much to learn and the competitive drive to succeed was very apparent with those that trained under him.

At 35, I thought my competitive days were over, but Coach & the people that train under him sparked a fire inside of me. It has been some of the hardest training of my life but under Coach Foster and his team it has been an invaluable learning experience both physically & mentally. One in which I've enjoyed, thanks to the camaraderie throughout the gym. I truly believe the tone in the gym is set by the Coach and I don't think there is any other place I'd rather be training right now.


When I first moved to Washington state in 2008, I searched online for recommendations on where to train in the Seattle area. Most everyone who had a suggestion, recommended Foster BJJ.

I checked out other schools in the area. What made Foster BJJ stand out from the rest was Coach Foster answered my initial email to him the same day I sent it, and he invited me down to check out the facility and take a complementary class.

Coach made me feel welcome from the start. He made me feel comfortable and introduced me to each of the members of the team that were training that evening. He made me feel a part of the team from the get go.

What Jiu Jitsu has given me is, not just a great workout and a means to protect myself if ever in a situation where I have to defend myself, but it is a safety valve for me where I can release my daily stress, it clears my mind and it makes me a better person, and has helped me physically by helping me with my weight problem and lowering my blood pressure to the point where I do not have to take medication any longer. My son also trains; Jiu Jitsu has brought my family closer together. I feel if it weren't for Jiu Jitsu, I would be aggitated, stressed out as well as mentally and physically falling apart.

I consider everyone at Foster BJJ a part of my family. I look up to Coach Foster, not only as a great instructor, but as a great mentor, a great motivator and a great friend. I am proud to wear the Foster BJJ patch on my gi.


Martial arts are the warrior's way of life. When I started training at Foster's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu I had no intention of becoming a warrior. I was a has-been college athlete in the midst of a personal crisis that had me feeling exhausted, overweight and all around pretty down about my life. I had never trained at any martial art when I began jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu was more mentally and physically challenging than any sport I had ever played. But each training session was novel and subtlety designed to instill confidence. The coaches were knowledgeable and recognized the differing learning curves and morale of each student. I found the lessons to be clear and comprehensive and I made progress. And more than that, I began to feel like I was part of a quality group of people. Coaches and training partners who knew when to push and when to back off. People who would notice if I was gone and wonder why, and people who recognized that for some of us it wasn't just about the jiu-jitsu.

It has been three years [this October] since I first stepped on the mat. I have competed in tournaments, visited BJJ gyms in five different states, and attended the seminars of BJJ legends. Physically I am stronger, leaner and have more stamina. And while most people notice the physical attributes, its how I've changed on the inside that means the most. Foster's BJJ has given me back my confidence, improved my outlook on life and given me an immeasurable sense of belonging. If a warrior is defined as "a person who shows, or has shown, great vigor, courage or personal power", then Foster's has made me a warrior too.


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