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Reopening Stage 1: 10/5/2020

**We will not initially be accepting new student enrollments, walk ins, affiliate/non affiliated drop ins, or visitors of any kind in order to accommodate our existing student base and follow state guidelines.


Below you’ll find the details of our limited reopening scheduled for October 5th, including modified class types, in person/online schedule, as well as the prerequisites and procedures we will be adhering to in accordance with current Washington state guidelines and laws. We will be sending out subsequent emails detailing the class reservation process and more, please make sure you have and as allowed addresses within your email security settings.

Please read this entirely and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have! 

In Person Class Descriptions: *Students must bring their own training dummy with Gi (top required) to solo drills classes, one will not be provided. The dummy can either be purchased online or a DIY project, such as a pillow, towels, or a large stuffed animal inside a Gi.

Adult BJJ Solo Drills

The adult BJJ solo drills class consists of numerous movements and techniques to sharpen your overall skill set. It will help you develop a deeper understanding of key underlying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu principles and concepts, all while simultaneously building greater conditioning (physical/mental) for life on and off the mats!

Kid’s BJJ Solo Drills (ages 4-14)

The kid’s BJJ solo drills class includes several fun drills which will help your child gain a better understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, while increasing coordination, positively impacting their health (physical/mental), and contributing to their overall self-confidence.

Adult BJJ Solo Drills (Beginners only)

The adult BJJ solo drills class for beginners *two stripe White belt and below* is a comprehensive crash course of integral Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals, techniques, principles, and concepts to prime you for success in your journey ahead!

Adult BJJ Partner Drills (Spouse, child, or housemate)

The adult BJJ partner drills class is intended to further enhance your understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique through the ability of feeling the practical application of moves applied on a live partner, and the subtle changes which occur due to different reactions, balance, body types, etc. 

In person training with Professor Foster: *Limited amount of students per class (this is subject to change based off updated state requirements)

*All in person class times will be available live online as well!

Class schedule: 


10:30-11am Adult BJJ solo drills

5-5:30pm Kid’s BJJ solo drills (ages 4-14)

6-6:30pm Adult BJJ solo drills

7-7:30pm Adult BJJ partner drills (spouse, child, or full time housemate)


10:30-11am Adult BJJ solo drills

5-5:30pm Kid’s BJJ solo drills (ages 4-14)

6-6:30pm Adult BJJ solo drills (beginners only)

7-7:30pm Adult BJJ partner drills (spouse, child, or full time housemate)


10:30-11am Adult BJJ solo drills (beginners only)

5-5:30pm Kid’s BJJ solo drills (ages 4-14)

6-6:30pm Adult BJJ solo drills

7-7:30pm Adult BJJ partner drills (with spouse, child, or full time housemate)

New online class schedule effective 10/6/2020: *These classes will be available online only!

Tuesday 6pm with Ehren David

Thursday 5pm Kid’s BJJ with Tyy and Katie

Saturday 12pm Kid’s BJJ with Ehren David

Sunday 12pm with Professor Foster

Entry prerequisites:

  • Students entering the academy must confirm they have had no symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days:

    Common symptoms include: Fever | Cough | Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing | Chills | Repeated shaking with chills | Muscle pain | Headache | Sore throat | Loss of taste or smell. 
  • Students entering the academy must confirm they’ve had no known contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days (this includes all healthcare workers).
  • Students (as well as their spouses, children, or full time housemates) who’s daily lives put them in a position where there’s a higher likelihood of coming into direct contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, agree to exercise caution and honesty in their assessment of whether or not they meet all of our entry prerequisites, procedures, and any policies we’re required to uphold in order to safely operate our business.  
  • Students entering the academy must confirm they have been in compliance with the following Washington state requirements and guidelines for the last 14 days

    State requirements and guidelines: Wearing a mask covering the nose and mouth when out in public, including in outdoor spaces | Staying at least 6 feet away from others during shopping at the grocery store or pharmacy | Avoiding large and small gatherings in private places and public spaces, such as a friend’s house, parks, restaurants, shops, or any other place.
  • Students must confirm they have not been actively cross training with individuals outside of their household (spouse, child, full time housemate) within the past 14 days
  • Students who’ve been actively cross training with individuals outside of their household will be required to complete 14 days without doing so prior to being allowed to reserve or attend any classes at our academy. 

Entry procedures:

  • Students must reserve a training spot via Zenplanner at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being turned away from the academy (instructions detailing the reservation process will be sent to you shortly). 
  • Students must arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in for their class.
  • Students must not arrive late to their reserved class or entry will be forfeited.
  • Students must wait in the parking lot area in front of the academy, with masks on (either surgical grade, cotton lined, or polyester/Lycra with a secondary cotton lining inside) and while maintaining 6 feet of space between each other, prior to being allowed to enter the academy one at a time for check in.
  • Students must wear a mask (either surgical grade, cotton lined, or polyester/Lycra with a secondary cotton lining inside) the entire time they’re within the academy and while practicing drills inside their designated training space.
  • Failure to comply with the mask policy will result in forfeiting entry and your training opportunity. 
  • Students must pass an infrared contactless temperature check prior to entrance.
  • Students displaying any symptoms of illness will not be admitted, no exceptions
  • Students must arrive at the academy dressed in the majority of their training attire.
  • Students must wear shoes on all non matted surfaces within the academy. 
  • Students must wear a rashguard or t-shirt underneath their uniform.
  • Students must bring their own training dummy to Solo Drills classes. 
  • Students must bring a spouse, child, or housemate to Partner Drills classes. (All spouses, children, and housemates are subject to the same requirements as any student and must be an individual who lives in your household full time). 
  • Students must bring their own reusable water bottle which will be kept with them during training.
  • No visitors or spectators will be allowed within the academy at any time. 
  • Non Foster BJJ students will not be allowed to attend classes at this time.
  • New student enrollments will not be accepted at this time.

Hygiene procedures: 

  • The academy will be sanitized before and after every class, including all training surfaces and any other objects that receive contact.
  • Students must wear shoes or sandals on any non matted areas of the academy at all times.   
  • All students must sanitize their hands and feet with provided sanitizer prior to entering the matted training area.
  • Proper distancing will be maintained within all spaces of the academy. No congregating in the lobby or changing room.
  • No shower usage.
  • Any water bottles or mouthguards left behind will be immediately thrown away.

Training procedures:

  • Students will be assigned their own designated training area that meets the state required specifications.
  • Students will go directly to their designated training space at the beginning of the class and face towards the instructor. 
  • Students will perform drills on their self provided training dummy in Solo Drills classes. 
  • Students will perform drills with a spouse, child, or full time housemate who also meets our entry prerequisites in Partner Drills classes.
  • Students will exercise social distancing anytime it’s required.
  • Students will not high five, shake hands, hug, or partake in any other form of physical contact with another student who is not their spouse, child, or full time housemate. 

We’re aware that many of you have been greatly impacted by the virus on many levels and can’t thank you enough for the unwavering support you’ve shown to us over the past 6 months! Several of the students who’ve reached out discreetly made me aware that they’d lost loved ones to COVID-19 and appreciate the approach we’re taking. This both greatly saddened me and reaffirmed my decisions throughout this process. Our struggles pale in comparison to the grief you’re experiencing, and our hearts go out to you.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, consideration, and understanding given these difficult circumstances. We look forward to seeing many of you in person very soon! 


Professor James Foster

Phone: (253)-208-3270