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Healthy start plan

Effective 1/17/2021: In accordance with the state’s new Healthy Start plan, the academy will be allowed to hold in person classes at a limited capacity, and following recommended safety guidance.

Attendance of classes will be by reservation only and no spectators of any kind will be admitted. All classes will continue to be offered online for all active students. We are starting to accept a limited amount of new enrollments in our program, please contact us for more information.

*A training dummy is recommended (but not required) for in person/online class participation and can either be purchased online HERE (use the coupon foster300 for 10% off) or a DIY project, such as a pillow, towels, or a large stuffed animal inside a Gi.


Effective Jan 17th, 2021

**Classes denoted with an asterisk symbol are available online only** 


10:30am-11:15am Adult BJJ
5-5:30pm Kids BJJ
6-6:45pm Adult BJJ
7-7:45pm Adult BJJ


*6-6:45pm Adult BJJ 
7-7:45pm BJJ Yoga


10:30am-11:15am Adult BJJ 
5-5:30pm Kids BJJ 
6-6:45pm Adult BJJ
7-7:45pm Adult BJJ


*6-7:00pm Match analysis
7-7:45pm BJJ kettlebells & conditioning


10:30am-11:15am BJJ Yoga


*12-12:30 Kids BJJ 


12-12:30pm Kids BJJ
1-1:45pm Adult BJJ 
2-2:45 Adult BJJ 

*The class schedule is subject to change.